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FAQ Page

Common questions and queries answered here

Why do you not list your prices?

Our services are customized and personalized according to our clients’ needs, we cannot give a fixed price to a variable service. However, our pricing is flexible and all of our services are supported by TAMKEEN.

Can I modify or change my order after I go through with the payment?

Any additional request after the agreement is finalized and the transaction is processed shall be considered as a new order that requires price/timing evaluation and a new quotation.

Do you offer any other programming and/or media service other than the mentioned in the website?

Get in touch with us with your specific request for confirmation. Call or WhatsApp +(973) 66747797. or you can send us an email with your inquiry info@techoptic.co .

I have an issue with my website, do I need to buy a new one or do you offer maintenance services?

We do offer maintainance services. However, we would have to take a look at your website to evaluate the issue and the work hours needed to remedy the problems. In some cases, fixing the website might not be worth it so we would suggest building a new website.

What does ``TechOptic`` mean?

TechOptic consists of Tech and Optic, By Tech we mean programming and technology. And by Optic we mean visual design and media. So our name is made up of the services we offer.

How can I send you payments?

You can find in the pricing quotation provided to you, our IBAN. You can transfer funds to our account or if you would like to pay using a different method, please let us know either by call or email so we could figure things out for you.

I am starting up my new business, what services you offer will be helpful for me?

It depends, What type of business you are starting up? What is your target market? What is your budget?

Regardless, In most cases new businesses would require a unique Visual Identity (Branding), a website, and a digital marketing solution such as social media management. Those mentioned are essential to present your business professionally and to build brand image.

Will I need to visit your office to purchase a service?

You are more than welcome to visit us during our work hours. But that is not required as most of our services are digital so you could just contact us with your request and we are going to handle everything so you could spend that time in developing your business.

How long will it take to get my order?

This depends on the service and the complexity of your request. Simple orders can be processed within a short period of time. While more complex and feature-rich orders would definitely require additional time. We provide time estimation with all of our quotations so everything is clarified before you place your order.

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